Dr. Monette Ferguson

Dr. Monette Ferguson has worked in the non-profit sector for almost 20  years at Alliance for Community Empowerment (Formally known as Action  for Bridgeport Community Development Inc. (an urban community action  agency). She was born and raised in the same community of Bridgeport Ct.  where she serves the most vulnerable community members with life  changing resources. Monette began her non-profit leadership career as a  Head Start family case-worker at this agency. She quickly advanced to  directing the Early Learning division here. In this role Dr. Ferguson oversaw more than 300 staff members who provide quality school readiness, SEL experiences and comprehensive family resources to over 1000 families in  Bridgeport and the surrounding area. She had worked in this role for almost  9 years. 

Dr. Ferguson has grown her leadership development over the years in this  position while writing grants, managing multi-million dollar budgets, and  collaborating with community partners toward the common goal of ensuring  quality early childhood experiences for all children while assisting families  with breaking the cycle of poverty. She has participated in several State  Department workgroups assisting in defining “school readiness”, and  creating standards for the Connecticut Early Childhood Teaching Credential.  She is a past Connecticut representative for the New England Head Start  Association and has been honored and travels locally and nationally as a  strong advocate who fights for quality education for all in the early childhood  space. She spearheads statewide work to end homelessness in early  childhood populations and works tirelessly for equity in education.  Dr. Ferguson is currently the Executive Director of Alliance for Community  Empowerment (formally known as Action for Bridgeport Community  Development (ABCD Inc.) and holds Doctorate in Educational Leadership  from the University of Bridgeport. 

She serves as Vice -Chair on the Governor’s Workforce Council Equity and  Access Committee, serves on the Board of Directors for Read to Grow and  the Workplace. She is an advisor to the MPH program at Sacred Heart  University and is Co-Chair on the Bridgeport Area Non-Profit Collaborative  (BANC).

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