Ellen Rosoff

Ellen Leon Rosoff has been a School Counselor since 1986. Her first years as a counselor were in the Northeastern Corner of Connecticut and in Bridgeport, CT since 1993. Ellen has also held a certificate as a Board Certified Life Coach (BCC) since 2015.

Ellen graduated with a BA from Eastern Connecticut State University and an MA in Counseling Psychology from the University of Connecticut. She was trained as a coach at the Institute for Life Coach Training (ILCT), a recognized training program by the International Federation of Coaches (ICF) and the Center for Credentialing and Education (CCE). In addition, Ellen is a Level 2 Certificate Holder in Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) which is an energy based somatic approach to working with emotional/energetic issues. EFT is also known as Tapping. // Ellen has been fascinated by the Brain and Nervous System since her years at Bassick High School where she spent 14 years.

Questions she often asked herself and her colleagues were ‘Why aren’t our interventions working with some of these students? Why are we back to Square One? What am I not seeing?’

Students would repeat their own missteps many times due to things beyond their control, such as direct or generational racism, lack of a trusted attachment, or possibly trauma from another source. And soon a new question emerged, ‘What don’t I know about myself that may contribute to a student’s difficult road to success?’ What she soon discovered was that it is almost impossible to learn and be productive in the school environment and to be happy, healthy and well in the absence of a healthy nervous system. It has become Ellen’s mission to share what she knows about the Brain, the Autonomic Nervous System, and the Heart with students in the hopes that they can use these parts of themselves as widgets and levers to adjust and modify as needed until they find their desired outcomes.

Ellen has taught Brain Hacking 101, a course she wrote for the Upward Bound program at Sacred Heart University during the summers of 2015 and 2016. She has also presented Brain Hacking at Minds In Motion in March of 2017 and in March of 2019.

Ellen’s presentation also touches upon Belief Systems, Energy Systems, Mindfulness, Trauma, and Cultural Humility.

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