Amanda Parshley

High School Teacher & Coach,

Warren Harding High School , Bridgeport Public Schools

Amanda teaches Civics, Introduction to Law, and Perspectives on Race to 9th and 10th graders at Warren Harding High School, in Bridgeport, CT’s East End neighborhood. She is also the Head Coach for Harding’s Girls Basketball and Softball teams. Amanda is also a member of Harding’s Social Emotional Learning Team.

As a teacher and a coach, she incorporates Restorative Practices and the RULER Approach to establish safe and inclusive learning environments for her students and student-athletes. In her work on the SEL Team with the Faculty of Harding HS, she works to increase Cultural Competence, Emotional Intelligence and Trauma Informed Practices. Before her work at Harding, Amanda was an 8th grade Social Studies teacher at Luis Munoz Marin School where her work in Restorative Practices and the RULER Approach began.

Amanda has participated in multiple professional development opportunities in Restorative Practices and RULER to further her understanding and to better her teaching in each of her six years in Bridgeport. She understands that students social and emotional wellbeing is essential to their academic success. With SEL as the foundation, Amanda uses authentic learning experiences that build character, amplify student voice and provide opportunities for students to expand their knowledge and better their community. Amanda has been the facilitator for professional development opportunities for Faculty and Staff at Harding High School in each of her three years.

Amanda earned a B.S. in Social Studies Education from Plymouth State University. In October, she will complete her Master of Arts in Teaching American History & Government from Ashland University. She is also a certified Coach. 

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